Jour 206 Assignment One Reflection

This assignment I found quite difficult. It wasn’t so much the recording and editing which I struggled with, but finding an interviewee. From the discussions in class, I gathered that the emotions of anger, disgust, fear and sadness were the better ones to focus on for this particular task. It is at this point when thinking about who I could interview, where I began to struggle. I knew a lot of people who would have been perfect candidates for an interview like this. However, I felt like because I was choosing the talent, and I was directing the way the interview ran, that I would have been exploiting my friend or family member. For example, with my nan I could have spoken about my dad, her son, and his car accident, with my best friend I could have spoken about her mums cancer diagnosis. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I know exactly what to say to make them both upset and I didn’t want to be responsible for dredging up all those emotions.

Nonetheless, I asked around to see who would be willing to help me out. One friend said yes she would do it, but when the day actually came she changed her mind and backed out. Another friend, a theatre student, said she could do it and we’d look at her parents divorce. Unbeknownst to me at the time she was actually planning to act upset and fake cry if she couldn’t do it for real, but again she had to back out due to work commitments. Again another friend said she could help me out but backed out on the day.

Finally my friend Emily agreed to do the interview. Her dad passed away when she was only four and has always been open to talking about it but never fully made peace with what happened. She got quite upset during the interview but I was more comfortable with it than I thought because I came to terms with the fact that she knew what she was getting into, and she knew that I was grateful for her help.

When it came time for editing I remembered all the tips and tricks we were taught and realised I managed to get a really good recording. There were a few times where the microphone was bumped or someone coughed but those were easily edited out. Finding a site with copyright free music was quite easy, but I took longer in choosing the right music. I think the piece I chose fit well because it has the deeper piano sequence to set the mood, contrasted with soft, high notes to set the melody.

From this assignment I gained new computer skills with audio editing, as thats something I’ve never done before. I also learnt to overcome my discomfort with difficult or emotional situations and get a good result.


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