So, this is the end of my bcm112 blog. All the topics covered have added to my knowledge of media and while some I found not so interesting I have a sound understanding of them. I’d like to think my writing has improved during the semester and I’ve learnt a lot from other people’s blog posts as well. There are so many people doing this course and its great to read their posts and see the various points of view on the weekly topics.

I liked the “evolution of the audience” blog post because I found this topic interesting. The main point of the post was how the audience is changing from being passive and consumer based to producing and consuming simultaneously. This whole concept is intriguing because it is not something I have ever thought about before. However, i think the quality of the writing was not my best. Based on that post it is obvious I still have a lot to learn about the concept of blogging.

The Citizen journalism post was a favourite of mine because of the concept as a whole and the example I used. I found it fascinating that within ten minutes of the crash occurring video footage was being posted online, when media institutions hadn’t even known about the incident. This post would have been much better if I could have put more links in and the first hand footage captured.

The Transmedia Storytelling post was another one of my favourites because not only is the concept interesting, I was able to incorporate one of the few tv shows I watch and like. I find fascinating the different aspects of a fictional world that can be created and the different issues that can arise from this. I talked a lot about the tv show though, and not so much about Transmedia storytelling in general. I think balancing out the topics in this blog would have made it better, and also my writing still needs a lot of improvement.

Overall, I think it’s obvious I’m not the best blogger, and definitely won’t be nominated for an award. However, I do try hard to make the posts interesting and relatable and hope to continue improving my writing and blogging skills.


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