The evolution of the audience

Being part of an audience used to mean that you would be constantly consuming what other people were telling you. If there was a breaking story you would see it on the television, hear it on the radio or read it in the newspaper, and people would gather to gossip about the current events and voice their opinion.

Since the introduction of the internet, there has been a shift in the way the audience is seen my media conglomerates and also how the audience sees themselves. An audience that was once passive and concentrated on only consuming information, has evolved into active responders who not only consume information but are also involved in producing and sharing. The old style of information broadcasting as known as monologic, where everything you are being told is controlled by gatekeepers. They could be the publisher, a government censor etc. but either way, they restrict access to information. The reinvented information broadcasting approach is unmistakably dialogic. This style promotes two sided conversation and discussion, and is strongly influenced by the realisation of “the people formerly known as the audience”(Jay Rosen) that their voices or opinions can be heard. The same message or information is received by the audience, but now it is mostly digital. This means if someone reads a news york times article online, if they have an opinion on the subject they can post a comment on the site for potentially the whole world to see. This opinion is broadcast instantaneously, and there are either no gatekeepers or weak ones who hold little power against the digital culture of today.

Not only can people now comment on what other people produce, they are able to participate in the production of media sources. Everyone wants their voice to be heard and it seems like today’s digital generation of people are all fighting for the microphone. With the increase in social media sites whose aim is to share information, pictures and videos, everyone’s a content producer. The line between consumer and producer has become blurred, creating whats called a prosumer. Someone who produces content for consumption, but also is a consumer themselves.

I thought this short clip was pretty cool so I though id put it up for you guys to see.


One thought on “The evolution of the audience

  1. chantelanzalone

    I found this post very insightful, loved reading it! and I highly agree with your statement- “With the increase in social media sites whose aim is to share information, pictures and videos, everyone’s a content producer. ” It’s amazing to think that in todays society we have such a large range of media platforms where we can all share information and news, and not only be the audience but the producers as well.
    Well done 🙂


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